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According to the ‘rule of 9’s’, the surface area of the human body can be divided up (roughly) into 9% sections. If you have an adult-sized onesie (and you are an adult), roughly 91% of your body could be covered in delightful warm insulation of which millennia of innovation and evolution have deprived you in your current, mostly exposed birthday suit. Think of it this way…

Most of the time, most people would like to feel like 91% of their body is on the receiving end of a warm and delightful hug. Less frequently, some folks experience that particular bathroom pinch where it’s chilly and we don’t wish to entirely disrobe to answer nature’s call. Attention some folks! Live in fear no more! Onesies are a timeless and brilliant solution to this problem, and there exists a new blue and grey Ortovox piece at Laramie’s Basecamp (you can view it here in our online shop).  This is just one of the latest manifestations of a long line of innovation in alpine and subalpine gear from a pretty rad company. Three reasons to take a closer look at Ortovox:


  1.       The Website:

This site is bomber. Check it out, if not for the apparel, then for the free trainings. Ortovox began in 1980 designing avalanche safety equipment and branched out in 1993 to include wool apparel. The Safety Academy portion of the site is dedicated to educating outdoor enthusiasts in alpine climbing and avalanche training. Trainings are interactive, offered in multimedia formats, and cover everything from the basics through what to do in specific emergency scenarios.

Also featured is a detailed Product Advisor where you can pick and choose your season, activity, weather conditions, etc. and they will suggest what pieces of apparel you might need (the same friendly suggestions you can find at our location in Laramie). Additionally, you can obtain a 10-week training routine on their site that preps you for the upcoming ski season!



  1.       Wool: The best thing since beaver pelts!

Why? Products designed with wool are naturally antimicrobial, i.e. odor-neutralizing—a BIG bonus in multi-day base layers. Wool feels warm even when wet (take that cotton!). Additionally, wool garb sports temperature regulating properties, absorbs UV protection (take that solar radiation!), and creates the softest outdoor athletic wear on the market (check out the Merino Fleece Vest online). In the long run, wool is a much more sustainable fiber than their synthetic counterparts (starve landfill!). Ortovox uses different types of wool for your various gear needs. Their base layers typically employ Tasmanian Merino Wool because of its texture akin to that of the fuzzy bum of a honey bee (not the stinger). For low-temp/high-performance apparel, Ortovox takes advantage of the insulating properties of coarser Swiss Wool.



  1.       Sustainability:

Here at Basecamp, we’re in it for the long haul, so we give our business to sustainable companies that ethically manage their production and employees. While maintaining high-quality products, Ortovox dedicates attention to their environmental footprint. As part of the Fair Wear Foundation—a group of businesses that work together to make the textile industry safe and fair for workers—Ortovox works closely with their sheep farms in Tasmania to ensure the ethical management of the sheep and land. The Ortovox Wool Promise- “responsibility for our sheep, transparency for the consumer, happy wool farmers”.


 As stated earlier, Ortovox is very concerned with protection, which makes sense because they got their start in avalanche safety tools. That desire to protect, however, extends well beyond their technical goods. We see it in their soft products too. Ortovox protects customers from less-pleasant elements of nature, the environment from less-pleasant elements of people, and also the people that help to make their products. Let’s face it, there is no better way to protect yourself from the elements this winter than with Ortovox, especially their 185 Rock’n’wool Overall (the onesie at Basecamp… it’s 100% Merino Wool and itch free!) complete with a hood and zippered back flap.  Most of all, you deserve a warm, 91%-of-your-body, delightful hug…and as much ease as possible when nature calls.