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10 Stocking Stuffers

These 10 items, freshly stocked at Laramie’s Basecamp, will bring joy to all those on your shopping list…from the littlest tyke to the family scrooge. Our in-store gift wrapping offers an easy, one stop, shopping experience this holiday season. Check out more holiday gift ideas at our online shop here

Whistles: fife, pipe, flute, toot, whiz…whatever the name there is no denying the fun you’ll have with a brand-new whistle in your pocket. For budding trailblazers, we have an adventure kit that includes said noise maker, or a four-function whistle including thermometer, compass, and magnifier. Shopping for a more seasoned outdoor enthusiast? We recommend the RESQ whistle, developed for the US Navy and capable of reaching 100 decibels.

Headlamps: take memorable family photos on Christmas morning of everyone in pajamas and headlamps, you won’t regret it. These extremely practical gifts brighten the darkest campsite, the blackest power outage, the cloudiest commute home, or the dimmest search for coins under your car seat. Bonus; use as a sustainable alternative to ribbon on holiday packages.

Weatherproof Notebook & Pen: notepads and pens slide easily into any stocking, boot, or slipper (whatever your holiday traditions might be). Developed in the Pacific Northwest, Rite in the Rain notebooks and pens withstand the soggiest conditions, allowing you to continue your note taking without any hiccups. Even better…the paper is recyclable. We love low impact gifts!

Survival Kit: each kit, designed and made here in Laramie, focuses on simplicity and practicality. For young scouts learning how to make fires or practicing survival techniques, to the adventurous type who often find themselves alone in need of shelter or warmth, this is the perfect gift. December 14th stop by our store and meet the creator, Derek Johnson, along with other local vendors.   

Jewelry: who ever said gear shops were just for selling gear has never seen our selection of Dirtbag Cowgirl jewelry. Made in Colorado, these fun pieces appeal to every age. An easy stocking stuffer or a pretty little something extra for the jewelry wearing folks in your life. 

Socks: darn tough, darn soft, darn warm, darn right! Darn Tough socks, made in Vermont, will keep your feet warm for life, guaranteed. Their lifetime warranty and cute patterns will have you buying socks for everyone you know, including yourself, this holiday season.

Spork: the most useful gift you can give this season, this multi-function utensil will surely make its way into every recipient’s backpack, purse, car, or pocket. Invented over 140 years ago, it has been hailed as the “most high exalted eating utensil”. Not only does it reduce the users carbon footprint, it also eliminates the difficult decision of what utensil to use in a pinch.

Multi Tools: there are two types of people in the world, those with a good multi-tool and those with broken fingernails. For the perpetually unprepared or frustrated, these small but convenient tools will make all the difference. A multi tool per stocking will ensure that projects get done around the house, some intentional and some maybe not…

Hiking Wallet: a lightweight and colorful way to carry ID cards, cash, and the bare necessities when hiking, biking, or skiing. Each water-resistant pouch comes with a small carabiner for easy attachment to the inside of a bag or pocket. Stuff it, roll it, or bury it in a stocking!

Camping Mugs: while these may not fit into every stocking, you could reverse the roles and stuff the stocking in it! Choose from a mug with a carabiner handle, an MSR insulated mug, or nestle a 1-liter Nalgene into a “space saver” mug with foldable handles. You won’t regret this purchase the next time everyone is sitting around a campfire with warm drinks in hand!