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Black Friday & Shop Small Saturday

November 23rd-25th take $50 off any ski package- the purchase of skis, bindings, boots, and poles. If you are only in the market for a few of the individual ski items, take $10 off each.

Let’s learn a little about skiing in Laramie…

Recreational skiing in Laramie, both Alpine and Nordic, began at the time a loaf of bread cost 7 cents and construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was underway. In 1933, the Civilian Conservation Corps had built a camp at Pole Mountain and began developing the ski trails for downhill purposes and a lodge offering skiers creature comforts. This short-lived enterprise only lasted until 1977; however, remains of the ski trails are visible today. By 1982 alpine skiing at Pole Mountain faded into history. Nonetheless, the forest service has kept the trails in tip-top shape for mountain biking, hiking, and Nordic skiing. Happy Jack road gets its name from Jack Hollingsworth, a rancher who lived west of Cheyenne circa 1878, and who purportedly worked a logging operation near Tie City and Vedauwoo.      

The trail system accessed from I-80 off of the Happy Jack exit (323) offers wonderful winter fun. Whether you prefer snow shoeing, back country skiing, or a view of pine and aspen trees from well-groomed trails on a fat bike, the Tie City and Happy Jack trail heads at Pole Mountain have it all. Check out some trail info here

But first…a quick look at the gear you’ll need!


            Down at Laramie’s Basecamp we sell and rent Tubbs snowshoes for all ages. For rentals we include trekking poles and a bag for added ease in carrying your rented gear.


            We can also happily outfit you for a day of skiing, whether you rent or buy a new pair of skis and accessories. Our rental selection includes classic touring, skate, and back country skis, sporting a metal edge for un-groomed conditions. Our rental prices are by the ½ day, full day, or season…click here for more rental information.

            Choices for buying skis vary on the type of skiing you plan to do. Read on for some highlighted models or stop by the shop to see our full inventory and to speak to a friendly staff member, we can help you find the perfect fit!


           Fischer Skis:

                       Classic- we offer waxless (crs classic vasa), waxable (sprint crown), and twin skin models of Classic skis. The twin skin design will have you going faster on flat and downhill trail sections than skis that contain scales in the kick-zone and you can always replace the skins without having to purchase a new set of skis. They also preform very well in icy conditions and you don’t have to worry about all that messy wax.


                        Skate- our selection includes beginner models such as the crs skate and the rcr universal- which allows the skier to try both skate and classic style skiing without buying two separate pairs of skis.  The rcs carbon lite skate and the scs skate models perform beautifully for thrill seekers and pro racers.


                        Touring- the otx vista 56, xc summit crown, and outback easy skin will assist in navigating the snow off-track for those looking to get away from crowds or hunting down your latest adventure. The backcountry ski tends to weigh more, have a wider design, and uses metal edges to help guide you through deeper snow, but most will also work fine on groomed tracks.


            Rossignol Skis:

                        Classic- we carry one model of Rossignol classic skis, the Zymax, which is a highly recommended recreational ski. MORE

                        Skate- two options in our shop include the Delta (racing model) and the Zymax (recreational model) skis. MORE


      Overall, Rossignol skis are our preferred Skate ski design due to the two grooves carved in the base of the ski, as opposed to Fischer’s single groove. This allows the skier to approach downhills with more stability as it improves cornering and steering anytime the ski is on edge.

Happy Trails!