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$5 off Waxing on Monday's

Got any skis or boards that need a little TLC?

Come in to Laramie's Basecamp on Monday's for $5 off any wax job. 

Basic Nordic Wax - $15 (on Monday's)

Basic Alpine, Tele, AT Wax - $25 (on Monday's)

If you don't like other people touching your stuff and prefer to wax gear yourself, we have a community wax bench set up in the shop. $5 to use our wax and tools. We ask that you keep the wax on the skis and save the eyebrows and legs for home! 

Stop on by the shop to check out the waxing goodies we have for sale (Swix and Toko), and click the link here if you have questions about the other shop work services we offer. 

Read on for some basic waxing tips!!

-- Classic skis require glide wax and kick wax (which is temperature and snow conditions dependent)

--Skate skis require glide wax along the entire base 

--All movements with wax, irons, scrapers, or brushes should be executed moving from the tip to the tail of the ski

--Use plastic scrapers for wax scraping so as not to damage the ski base

--Check the temperature setting on the iron so it corresponds to the type of wax you're using 

--Brushing the skis after scraping helps to remove fine particles of wax; this allows the skis to glide faster and stay cleaner longer 

--Kick wax, used on waxable classic skis, comes in two types: hard wax ("new snow" conditions) and klister (snow that has melted and re-frozen), both are temperature specific

--Use ski ties or clips (we sell some!) to keep your skis orderly and from scratching one another

--For metal edged skis/boards take time to clean, file, and buff the metal edges so they perform better

--Always unplug your wax iron when you're done :)