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Back in stock at Laramie’s Basecamp…Hydro Flask!


The good folks who design these amazing receptacles in Bend, OR believe that temperature, taste, and transport place their product apart from others. Tempshield, an innovative design with a double wall of insulation, guarantees to keep drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours and steaming up to 6 hours. From personal experience, tea and coffee have scalded my mouth well after 3 hours in my 16 oz coffee mug. Tempshield technology also ensures the designs are lightweight and slim in profile- travel made easy! Each bottle, cup, or food container uses pro-grade stainless steel, which protects against taste transfer. For multi-day trips where your one mug or cup will play host to coffee, water, beer, wine, or Gatorade you need not worry that all those delectable flavors will merge as one. The new flask flex cap boasts a flexible, comfortable handle and an interior honeycomb design to, once again, keep those liquids at the most desired temperature. All Hydro Flask’s are finished with a powder coat that makes them less likely to slip out of your grip as your cooling down on a high rocky outcropping. They have a wide variety of colors to pick from but if you need your drinkware to be especially unique you can go to their website and customize 7 different size containers choosing from 14 colors to mix and match. Each purchase from Hydro Flask is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for a hundred years or one lifetime (whichever comes first!).


Additionally, Hydro Flask commits itself to helping fund and protect parks nationwide. Their non-profit Parks for All helps provide grants to other organizations working to build, maintain, or provide access to parks. They love to see people enjoying parks, especially toting along their favorite Hydro Flask, and we love to support local brands doing good for our planet!