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Use less, give back, explore more...all core beliefs at Zeal optics, a small eyewear company based out of Boulder, CO. We are thrilled to support Zeal and their endeavors to reduce their carbon footprint while providing customers with optimal eye protection. The small Colorado company proudly grew under the larger Maui Jim eyewear brand that to this day remains one of the only independently owned companies in the eyewear industry. Let's discuss some of the points that make this "Coloradical" company a favorite of Basecamp employees and why we are stoked to offer it to greater Laramie community. Plus they offer ski goggles with great polarization and glare protection, so you may be seeing a lot more of them in our shop as we enter into the world of Alpine next year.  


100% Vegan: The coolest feature is you can eat your sunglasses! Just kidding, please don't. Each pair of glasses is made from the resin of Castor Bean Oil, that includes both the frames and lenses. Castor plants, renewable resources that some consider a weed, produce beans that get processed into an oil. From there, Zeal creates a Z-Resin that replaces petroleum based plastics in their products. Ultimately this process reduces Zeal's CO2 footprint, and makes their "sunnies" lightweight and comfy to wear! 

Ellume Polarized: A fancy name Zeal uses to differentiate their polarization from other companies. All of their sunglasses come equipped with technology that eliminates 99.9% of glare and blocks 100% of harmful UV/B/C rays. Hooray, your eyes will surely thank you! Ellume Polarization filters out 95 % of harmful high-energy blue light allowing colors to be seen more vividly and their plant-based lenses offer higher clarity. 

Three Lens Types: Down at Laramie's Basecamp we offer three different color lenses in the Zeal sunglasses we have stocked. The Rose colored lens is a high contrast, high transmission lens perfect for better depth perception. The Copper colored lens, your best option for everyday use, enhances the contrast in variable light conditions. Finally, the Dark Grey lens reduces the intensity of bright light and heavy glare, which is perfect for those beautiful, sunny, Wyoming days. 

Features For The Adventure Seeker: Each lens is coated with a hardcoat scratch resistant layer and exceeds standards for impact resistance. For everyday use and the weekend adventures you will be happy with the durability of Zeal optics, drop them down the face of El Capitan and it might be a different story. Hydro/Oleo coating on the back and front of the lens help repel dirt, oil, and water allowing your eyewear to be ready for any condition. Anti-Reflective (AR) coating on the inside of the lens comes with all prescription lenses (see below) and is available on select sunglass styles. AR helps protect your eyes from harmful glares that find their way between your eyes and the inside of your glasses. Finally, each pair is equipped with nosepad and temple pads that reduce slippage while active--as you sweat they grip harder. 

Prescription Ready: Zeal makes their frames so they are compatible with prescription lenses. The company offers the option to send your lenses into the Maui Jim lab in Illinois so the lenses can be swapped out for customer specific prescription lenses. All prescription lenses come with an Anti Reflective coating on the inside. 

Warranty: With any outdoor gear, we like a good warranty. Zeal offers a 2 year manufacturers warranty on the frame, a 1 year, 1 time frontside lens scratch replacement, and temple and nosepad replacements for the life of the frame. Take care of your glasses, but more importantly take care of your eyes with quality eyewear!!  

Come on down and try on every pair of Zeal Optics we have in shop, chances are a staff member will be doing the same!