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Lifetime Guarantees From Brands You Love

Nothing makes our hearts sing more at Basecamp than a good brand guarantee that ensures their products for life, or close to it. Once you have found your favorite backpack or base-layer, it can be tough to begin the search all over when the item ultimately wears out. Whether from normal, everyday wear, to manufacturing blips, to a bag getting shredded by airport personnel, most outdoor gear brands will honor product guarantees and fix or replace your beloved item. If you are a sustainable shopper (we salute you!), knowing the in's and out's of a company's warranty process will help inform your buying decisions, especially when that means keeping material out of landfills. Moving forward, the Earth will thank your informed shopping decisions.  

Let's take a look at the brands we carry with the best product guarantees: 

Osprey Packs: "Any reason, any product, any era" is the slogan behind Osprey's All Mighty Guarantee. They will make every effort to repair your pack or the parts that need fixing before they replace the entire item for you. This warranty excludes exchanging the bag for a different color, the wrong size, or a lost bag. If you drop your pack off a cliff (accidentally, of course) and are able to retrieve what is left of it...they will fix or replace it as long as you send in the remains! They also repair their current generation of water reservoirs. 
Check out the link here for further information. 

Zeal Optics: Sunglasses are warrantied to the buyer against workmanship and defects for two years after the date of purchase. However, their nosepads and temple pads, which are found on most of their products, can replaced for life for free! These little non-slip pads help keep the glasses on your face while you're sending your last pitch of the day or cresting the last hill atop your bike. General wear and tear or scratches are not covered under their warranty, but see our previous blog about ZEAL to learn about their bomber, scratch resistant lenses. 

Eagle Creek: We currently have only a few items from Eagle Creek in our shop but their "No Matter What" warranty is worth noting. Regardless of the cause of damage, your Eagle Creek purchase is guaranteed for life and that includes repairs or replacements. Damages not covered under their lifetime warranty (lifetime of the item) can be repaired for reasonable charges. In an effort to reduce landfill waste, the good folks at Eagle Creek work hard to repair your item but if it has met the end of its life they up-cycle all the parts from the damaged item to be used on other repairs. 
Find out more about their mission here.

Darn Tough Socks: Socks for life, that is what you are signing up for when you buy 1 pair of Darn Tough socks. Anytime your socks get a hole, rip, or tear you can bring your socks into any Darn Tough Dealer (that's us!!) and we will hand you a new pair off the shelf that day. If we don't have the type of socks you're exchanging we can send back the damaged pair and the company will mail us a new pair. 
More info on their unconditional lifetime guarantee here.

Hydro Flask: A limited lifetime warranty is offered against manufacturers defects during the life of the container and when possible, they use replacement parts to address the defect instead of replacing the whole item. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hydro Flask is so confident in the quality and performance of their product that if a customer is not satisfied with the make, fit, or style they can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or replacement. It is always nice to know that the brands you purchase from have your back. 
More information regarding possible reasons for warranties here

Black Diamond: When a company like BD makes apparel and gear for extreme climates and adventures, their products undergo rigorous testing by employees and athletes. As a result, their warranty on apparel is a full refund or exchange on any item with no questions asked and no fine print. On equipment, they offer a one year warranty from date of purchase (for headlamps it's three years) and you can fill out the form on their website or handle it through any dealer (we're one!!). 
Learn more here

Big Agnes: Another brand that works hard to keep their gear in top notch condition while the customer uses it. If a Big Agnes product does not perform to the satisfaction of the customer they encourage you to contact their customer service reps to remedy the situation asap. If gear succumbs to manufacturing defects or needs repairs they will cover it under warranty or work hard to keep it functioning in the outdoors. Big Agnes mainly sells tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. These three items are crucial elements to enjoying lengths of time outdoors and the repair team will happily replace broken poles, zippers, or help patch your favorite gear. 
Head on over to their website to read more.

We carry more brands with similar guarantees, if you are curious if an item you own qualifies come on down and talk to all of our friendly staff and we will help you replace or repair that beloved piece of gear. Our staff is always up for a challenging project and we might even be able to help repair a buckle, patch a hole, or replace ski pole baskets ourselves.