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Store Hours:
Basecamp Downtown /Tues-Sunday  9am-6pm

For a good time call 307-703-0172

Some businesses are stuffy and boring.

We're not. 

We're the kind of businesses that has a freezer full of popsicles at our Basecamp South location cool and ready for our SUP and kayak renters after they get off the water.

We're the kind of business who takes our monthly staff meetings to the trail, so we can pick up trash as we review our schedule and goals.

We're the kind of business that has a vision board hanging on our walls and values that guide us in all we do.

We're the kind of business that celebrates our failures as a chance to get better more than our victories.

We're a little quirky.

We're a little weird. 

We're not perfect, but we're a lot of fun.

We don't know everything, but we're always learning.

When you shop at Basecamp instead of a big box store you're supporting a dream.

A dream of creating an Outdoor Adventure Company that's inclusive, family-friendly and fun. 

When you shop at Basecamp you're helping to send our 6 high school employees to college in a few years.

When you shop at Basecamp you're helping to offset the cost of Basecamp Ski Club and our goal to help young ski endurance athletes train to become super fast.

When you shop at Basecamp you're helping our 3 college students/employees pay for books and rent.

But most of all, when you shop at Basecamp we get to see you! Because after 3 years in business we feel like you're not a stranger when you walk into our shop or rental center. We feel like you're a friend.

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    220 S. 2nd Street
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  • 307-703-0172

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