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Store Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 9am-6pm
or call us for a private shopping appointment 307-703-0172


How do I reserve rental equipment?
Click here to schedule an appointment for a ski fitting. We are requiring appointments for all seasonal ski rental fittings and pick up due to social distancing concerns in our small space. After we've fit you for your equipment, we'll ask for payment and then you'll be able to head out the door with your ski equipment until 5/1/21! 


Downhill: Includes skis, boots, bindings, poles, helmet + free tunes and waxing all winter

  • Alpine Ski Package - Youth (ages 2-13) / $249.99 ($259.99 after November 30th)

  • Alpine Ski Package - Adult (ages 14-109) / $299.99 ($309.99 after November 30th)

Cross-Country Touring Package : Includes skis with a waxless kick zone, boots, bindings, poles and waxing all winter

  • XC Touring Nordic Package -Tots (ages 2-5) /$49.99 ($59.99 after November 30th)

  • XC Touring Nordic Package -Youth (ages 6-13) / $89.99 ($99.99 after November 30th)

  • XC Touring Nordic Package -Adult (ages 14-109) /$149.99 ($159.99 after November 30th)

Cross-Country Racer Package: Includes classic skis, skate skis, combi boots, skate poles, classic poles and waxing all winter

  • XC Racer Nordic Package- Youth (ages 6-13) / $249.99 ($259.99 after November 30th)

  • XC Racer Nordic Package- Adult (ages 14-109) / $299.99 ($309.99 after November 30th)

Cross-Country Skate Ski Package: Includes skate skis, boots, bindings, poles and waxing all winter

  • XC Skate Ski Package -Youth (ages 6-13) / $89.99 ($99.99 after November 30th)

  • XC Skate Ski Package -Adult (ages 14-109) /$149.99 ($159.99 after November 30th)

To book your rentals click "rent" on our homepage, booking opens soon and our inventory is limited. After you book your equipment you'll be promoted to select a pick update/time. Pick up starts November 1st and we can accommodate 3 guests/hour.  

How long can we keep the equipment?

  • From October 28th -May 1st. Starting May 2nd all late equipment will be charged a late fee of $25.00/day.

If Middle School/High School skiing is cancelled will you offer a refund?

  • We aren’t able to offer refunds on any seasonal ski equipment but if school skiing is cancelled your skier can join us for free weekly ski lessons, technique sessions and games. The beauty of skiing is that you don’t need a team to enjoy it!

If I get injured and can’t use my equipment will you offer a refund?

  • If injury occurs we will subtract our day rental rate from the number of days that the equipment has been in your possession (and therefore out of our rental fleet and unusable) to determine a refund rate. Please note this is based on “possession” days not the number of days you used the equipment and if the equipment has been in your possession longer than the cost of a seasonal rental no refund will be issued.

Can I rent just boots, poles or skis for the season if I don’t need a whole package?

  • Last season a lot of our equipment was returned destroyed and unsuitable for rentals. We weren’t able to replace what was damaged so our inventory fleet did shrink a small amount. Because of that we can only offer full rental packages for the season.

What is covered by damage protection? Is it optional?

We're excited to offer damage protection this year for an additional fee of $24.99/package. 

Damage protection covers damages except for negligence, theft or loss. For example, if a skier hits a rock that causes significant damage to the base of the ski that damage protection will prevent a service charge. Damage protection is optional but highly recommended. 

For example, if a skier deliberately uses a ski pole to knock something out of a tree and breaks the pole or skis down a road without proper snowpack and causes severe damage to the skis the skier will need to pay the replacement cost.  If a skier loses a ski, or pole or boot the equipment is not protected by damage protection and the skier will need to replace the item at full replacement cost. 

This year we will be doing a full inspection prior to each rental going out -and- making not of the quality of each piece of equipment. Damage protection is non-refundable. 

Do you offer insurance if our ski equipment is stolen?

  • We don’t at this time. We’d ask you to talk to your insurance agent to see if rental equipment would be covered under your homeowners or renters policy. 

Are you renting AT/Backcountry ski equipment for the season?

  • No, we are just renting downhill ski equipment, XC touring equipment, skate skiing equipment and classic skiing equipment. 

If my 13-year-old is too large for a youth ski package do we need to pay for an adult package?

  • No, package prices are based on age, not size.  You’re on the honor system with your children’s ages at time of booking, we appreciate your honesty.

Do you ever sell used ski equipment?

  • Sometimes, please check our social media sites. We’ll announce it when we do. However, most of our rental ski equipment is new within the past few years and still has a lot of life left in it, so we don’t make it a regular practice to sell rental equipment.

Do you offer a rent to own program?

  • We don’t. Unfortunately that gets pretty complicated with bookkeeping so we keep it simple and only offer day/or seasonal equipment rentals.

Do you do seasonal snowshoe rentals?

  • We don’t but we do offer a great selection of snowshoes for sale in our retail department and day rentals. 

What is your COVID safety policy as it pertains to equipment rentals?

  • We care about the healthy and safety of our community. When possible we’ll try to accommodate rental pick ups outdoors, we can even bring gear to your vehicle. Our staff will be masked always, and gloved if you’d like us to fit your ski boots. We disinfect each piece of equipment after it comes back from a rental and strive to maintain a high rate of cleanliness. Due to our small space we are only able to accommodate 3 rental pick ups/hour so we have time to disinfect our space between customers. We recommend that you book online to avoid crowds in our shop.  If you’d like to see a full copy of our company COVID policy please email

What should I do if I’m unable to make an appointment to pick up ski equipment during any of the times that you have listed as available?

  • We are available for limited extended hours for rental pick up. If any of the times/dates don’t work for you please book your equipment please email and Rebecca will accommodate you after hours. 

If I don’t have a credit or debit card can I pay for a seasonal ski rental with cash?

  • Yes, you may pay with cash. We do however require that a credit card is kept on file in order to rent equipment at Basecamp.

Do you have any coupons, group discounts, or other special rates available?

  • We work really hard to provide the best rental equipment in the Rocky Mountain's at the best rate. Right now the only discount we are providing is our “early bird” pricing. After November 30th you can save $10.00 on all ski packages.

When will you stop offering seasonal ski rentals?

  • After December 15th all of our seasonal ski rentals will be switched over to day rentals. We recommend that you rent seasonal ski packages ASAP since our number is limited and we aren’t offering seasonal rentals after December 15th. 

What happens if I’ll be out of town the day ski rentals are due back?

  • We spend about 6-weeks after each season repairing damages and preparing our seasonal ski rental fleet for the next year. Please help us out by turning in your equipment before you leave town. If you absolutely can’t do that please email us to make alternate arrangements. 

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