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Store Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9 am-6 pm
Friday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm
Sunday 8 am-4 pm

We offer an array of ski and gear repair and maintenance services. Stop by anytime during the week to give your gear some loving.
Prices may vary depending on the work or repairs needed. 

We offer the following services:

Basic Nordic Ski Wax: We'll clean your bases, prep them and then apply a layer of Hydrocarbon ski wax for the current snow conditions. After we're confident that the layer of wax has permeated your bases we'll scrape and brush your skis to a perfect luster. Then they'll be ready to give you a perfect glide. We strive for a 24-hour turnaround. 


Nordic Race Wax: Get ready for your next race by letting us make your skis race-ready: We'll start with a basic nordic ski wax job, by cleaning, preparing your ski but then we'll add a layer of graphite wax to prevent friction followed by a layer of low or high fluorinated wax, depending on the expected weather conditions during race time. After we're confident that your wax job is perfect we'll scrape, brush and polish your skis. Due to the high volume of skis that we wax during race times, we'd love 48 hours in advance to ensure we have time to give your skis the TLC they deserve.


Basic Alpine/ Snowboard / Telemark / AT Ski Tuning & Waxing: We pride ourselves in being a cross-country ski shop but we're happy to provide basic waxing services to all ski disciplines. Similar to waxing Nordic skis we start by cleaning your bases, prepping them and then applying a layer of Hydrocarbon ski wax, followed by scraping and brushing. One thing that sets our shop apart from others is that we melt all ski wax into your bases ourselves, with a ski waxing iron rather than a machine. This is so much better and safer for your skis. 


Summer Storage Waxing: Don't let your ski bases oxidate and dry out this summer! Stop by our shop with your skis and we'll clean them, fill in any gashes with p-tex and ensure your bases are good to go and then we'll apply a coat of storage wax for the summer.

   $15/Nordic   $25/Alpine 

Nordic Ski/Rollerski Mounting: If you need new bindings drilled into your skis we're happy to help and we have our drills fired up and ready to go. 


Basic Alpine/ Snowboard / Telemark / AT Ski Mounting: We're happy to mount bindings on your alpine skis, tele skis, AT skis and snowboards. Simply drop them by the shop and we'll do our best to help you out. Please note that we are primarily a Nordic ski shop and we may not be able to service all alpine, tele, AT skis and snowboards but we're happy to chat about what we can do. When it comes to complicated mounts like these we do charge by the hour for our shop services.

       $50.00       (estimate)
NIS Plate Mounting: We are happy to drill NIS plates into your skis, whether you have the parts or not.   $5.00 (labor)
 $10.00 (labor + parts)

Base Repair/ Ptex Repair: Our shop techs are prepared to take on any ski repair from a small scratch to deep gauges. 

 Price varies based on the severity of repair 

Ski Basket Switch: Whether you need to replace ski baskets or switch baskets between seasons, we're ready for it all! 

 $5.00 + parts 

SNS Mounting: Our shop is equipped to mount SNS bindings. 


Kick Wax Application & Removal: Temperatures change quickly and we've got all the waxes to help your skis perform the way they should in this WY climate. Come in and use our community wax table (for FREE if you have your own wax), or have our techs help you out! 

$10.00 (removal)

Heat Mold: Bring in your Nordic and Alpine boots or your removable backpacking hip belt and we can custom mold them to your feet or body. 


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