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Primus ETA Lite Stove System


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  • 0.5-liter anodized-aluminum pot connects directly to the stove for excellent heat transfer; built-in windscreen and heat exchanger on the pot maximize efficiency
  • Boil 0.5 liters of water in about 2 min. 45 sec.; your own full 100g fuel canister will provide approximately 59 min. of total burn time
  • Stove burner and cooking cup twist together to create a single convenient system for cooking; disconnect the stove burner and cooking cup for storage
  • Lid features an integrated strainer that comes in handy when cooking pasta or steaming vegetables; be sure to press the lid on securely before pouring
  • Insulating cozy on the cooking cup stays in place during cooking without melting, thereby increasing heat retention and efficiency
  • Webbing strap on the cozy doubles as a pot handle when cooking and a top strap to keep the whole system contained when it's in your backpack
  • Integrated piezo igniter lights the Primus ETA Lite Stove System with a simple click
  • Stove burner and your own 110g fuel canister stow inside the cup; buckle the handle strap over the top to secure the stove and fuel canister inside the cup
  • Included stabilizer attaches to a fuel canister, widening the overall stove base to enhance stability
  • Fuel not included