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Store Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 9am-6pm

Ski & Snowboard Waxing

-Basic Nordic Wax: $25.00 / includes hot scrape to clean bases followed by the wax of the day

-Downhill/Snowboard Wax: $35.00 / includes wax of the day and edge sharpening

-Nordic Race Wax: $45.00 / includes any base repair, hot scrape, race wax and structure

-Storage Wax: $20.00 / include full base clean, repair and wax

-Full tune and stonegrind: $85.00 (available starting May 15, 2021)

Alpine / Snowboard Specific

-Binding Adjustment: $15.00

-Custom Boot Heat Mold: $20.00 (please call our shop to book an appointment for a boot mold)

-Binding Mount: $40.00 (we are a certified Look/Rossignol shop)

-Full Tune: $65.00 / includes inspection, binding adjustment and safety check, base repairs, edge sharpening, sidewall prep, and wax of the day)

Other Services

-Nordic Binding Mount: $25.00

-Pole Cutting: $10.00

-Pole Basket Change: $10.00

-Kick Zone Testing: $25.00

-Base Repair: Starts at $15.00

-Dogsled Runner Wax: $10.00

Our ski tuning and tech services will be moving over to our second location, Basecamp South, on May 1st. 

Equipment Rentals + Services

Basecamp South

Coming May 2021

1404 Skyline
Laramie WY 82070

Business Hours

Monday-Friday TBD
Saturday & Sunday TBD
Private Shopping Available TBD
  • Outdoor Retail
    220 S. 2nd Street
    Laramie WY 82070
  • 307-703-0172

Coming May 2021
Equipment Rentals + Services

1404 Skyline
Laramie WY 82070